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Wheel-throwing & Handbuilding Workshops at Mitra Mahmoodi Ceramics

As a ceramist who splits her time between both wheel-throwing and hand-building to create both functional and sculptural works at my studio, I am happy to offer both wheel-throwing and hand-building workshops exclusively for adults. 

 Small-group Classes













6 Weeks HandBuilding Class | Saturday 10:30 AM- 1 PM 

October 7 - November 11


Beginners and all levels welcome!

In this 6 weeks class, students will gain knowledge about the different techniques involved in creating various ceramic pieces that I make in my practice, including bud vases, sculptures, sectional trays, and organic bowls. 
From coil building to pinch pots and slab building, you will learn about the making process,  and gain h
ands-on experience in the craft.
My classes aim to inspire creativity and encourage students to produce unique and personalized pieces based on their own
 ideas and styles.  

If you are interested in taking a class with me, please contact me via email and I will get back to you ASAP. 


My email address is:

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